Designer on a Dime – Pretty in Pink

Designer brand fashion is luxurious and stylish and usually totally on trend! But it can get really pricey. If you love the designer look, but can’t quite afford the designer price, you’ll love our series of Designer on a Dime fashion.

2.11 Designer Dime Pretty in Pink
Here are the pieces that were used to create both of these beautiful looks:

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My Plan to Get My House Back on Track + A Free Printable Cleaning Schedule!

Cleaning Schedule Blog Image

So, remember that time that I posted about getting back on track and said I’d have a post that afternoon with plans on getting my house back on track. Yeah…about that…

I had a run of the stomach virus this weekend and it totally kicked my trash. But before getting the sick I was able to at least tackle getting the living room clean. But before I show you the progress there, I want to go over my plan for Getting Back on Track with my housework.

I have put together a weekly cleaning schedule that suits my home and my family. (Spoiler alert – new schedule for me = free printable for you!! Read on…) This week I am initiating this schedule. When my house is picked up and this schedule is consistently used, it should take me only about 10-20 minutes per day to accomplish everything on the schedule.

For my personal cleaning schedule, I have broken up my house into six spaces for a Monday through Saturday schedule. I made Saturday my day to work outside and on the car because if we go out of town for the weekend and we skip a week, it won’t make a big difference.

Since my housework is so out of control right now, spending 10 to 20 minutes a day just isn’t going to cut it. So, for the rest of the month, this is my daily cleaning plan:

  1. Spend one extra hour of my daily free time on each room of the day.
  2. Set a timer for one hour and tackle non-list items. For example, today’s non-list items for the kitchen would be to organize cabinets and drawers.
  3. Once the timer ends, spend 10 minutes or so making sure I completed the items on the weekly cleaning chart.

I plan to do this each Monday through Saturday now through the end of the month. My in-laws are coming for a visit the end of the month and that is just the motivation that I need to get the housework caught up!

Here is my own personal cleaning schedule that I’ll use each week:

Daily Cleaning Schedule IMAGE

You can either print this schedule (by clicking on the image above) or print a blank schedule (by clicking on the image below).  I’ve tried to make the schedule above as generic as possible and left a few spaces for you to add your own items.

Daily Cleaning Schedule Blank IMAGE

For my own schedule, I have printed it and laminated it. (I use this thermal laminator and love it!) I then use wet erase markers (the kind they use on projectors) to check off each item each week. I prefer wet erase to dry erase because they don’t smudge off so easily but they only require water to be removed. This schedule stays on our refrigerator. That way, if my hubby gets home from school and sees that there are things I wasn’t able to finish, he can pitch in to get the cleaning done for the day.

I hope that these help you as well! I am such a visual person and to-do lists are my jam, so I love printed out schedules and lists like these to stay on track.

7 Days of Women’s Outfits for a Disney Vacation

I have a sad confession to make. I haven’t been to a Disney park since I was 11 years old and I only barely remember it. And it isn’t that I haven’t wanted to go, I love Disney. I can sing nearly every song and recite the entire Little Mermaid movie from start to finish! “It’s a fine strong wind and a following sea! King Triton must be in a friendly type mood!” “King Triton?” “Why, ruler of the merpeople, lad! Thought every good sailor knew about him!”

Shall I continue? No?

My dorkiness having been officially shown, this fashion board is in honor of my love of Disney. My family is planning a Disney vacation to Orlando in 2016 and I cannot wait! Here are a week’s worth of great women’s Disney outfits that would easily fit into one suitcase.

2.2 7 Days of Disney Fashion Board

  1. Olaf Summer Dreaming Tee (Target) — $6.48
  2. Mickey Mouse Muscle Tank (Target) – $12.99
  3. Tricky Mouse Baseball Tee (Target) – $6.48
  4. Mickey Love Graphic Tee (Target) — $12.99
  5. Minnie Mouse T-Shirt (Amazon) – $18.97
  6. Merona V-Neck Cardigan (Target) – $22.99
  7. Cherokee Coated Jeans (Target) – $29.99
  8. Mid-Rise Bootcut Jeans (Target) – $34.99
  9. Skinny Jeans, Black (Target) – $27.99
  10. Mossimo Denim Jacket (Target) – $29.99
  11. Ragstock Button Up Vest (Amazon) – $9.99
  12. Mossimo Lunea Oxford Shoes, Red (Target) – $16.99
  13. Merona Mallory Driver Moccasins, Brown (Target) – $24.99
  14. Disney Pattern Handbag (Amazon) – $69.99

I decided for these outfits to keep it really cozy. And all of these could easily have layers added to accommodate different seasons. I especially love the Mickey baseball tee!

These outfits are a mixture of both Amazon and Target items. Head over here for tips and ideas on saving money at Target. And check here for details on how to save money on Amazon purchases.

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Click the images below to get a closer look at each outfit.

2.2 7 Days of Disney Women Board 1-3

2.2 7 Days of Disney Women Board 4-7

Getting Back on Track

So far since getting back going with this website, I have focused mainly on fashion. Because it’s fun. I am going to shift my focus a bit with the new month coming up.

I didn’t get a great start on the new year. I had holiday company here until the second week of January and then got sick with a stomach bug. So, I am counting February 1 as my January 1 do over! I am using the remainder of this week to get ready to start my new month on a good foot.

I have mentioned before that I am by no means a Homemaking Expert. I thought I would be. I’m sure I could be. But I’m not. It is a gradual work in progress. There are days that I feel like a rockstar mom and there are days that I am worried every knock at the door is the producers for Hoarders.


The Hoarders intervention that is my home right now.

With my busy December followed by an unproductive January, these days it is more of the latter. This is the view from where I am currently sitting. Just trying to keep it real. [Read more…]

Happy Spring – Free Printable Art!


We are having warmer weather here in Mississippi lately, and it is heavenly! My son and I spent a good part of the afternoon outside yesterday playing baseball with my sister. I love summer and spring and sunshine!

To celebrate warmer weather and sunshiney days, I am working on a few new spring and Easter graphic art prints. Also, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I am working on getting some new prints for that holiday as well!

I typically sell my art for $5 each on Etsy, but now through Valentine’s Day, you can use code WELCOMESPRING to save an additional 40% off! That makes my $5 prints only $3 each! (Note: I am getting new art listed all day today, so if you only see a couple items available, check back later to see everything that is on sale.)

Hello Spring SAMPLE

And these are instant download purchases that you can print right away after a purchase is made. These would be beautiful put into a frame on your mantel or given as a gift!

AND for the next week, until February 7th, any Homemaking Expert Facebook fans can get several of these prints for FREE! Head over here to like my Facebook page to get these freebie prints and head over here to check out what is available in my Etsy shop with this discount.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Spring to all of you!

Mix & Match Fashion – Women’s Plus Size Kohl’s Outfits

Here is our second Mix & Match fashion post and I have made this one a plus size version! I love creating these boards and getting very creative on how to make an entire wardrobe out of only a few pieces. These ideas are great if you are wanting to minimize your closet space or even for travel ideas to pack light and stay fashionable.

1.25 Kohl's Plus Size Mix Match Header

Scroll down to see the 15 outfits that I created with just a handful of pieces. I only used 14 items for all of these looks including:

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