Mix & Match Fashion – Florals and Stripes

1.21 Target Mix Match Board HE Header

I am attempting to get better at getting rid of stuff and minimizing the contents of my home. One of the things that is hardest for me to get rid of are clothes…shoes in particular. If you are striving for a more minimum approach to your wardrobe, you could benefit from these ideas to mix and match pieces to maximize the number of outfits at your disposal.

I will be doing one or two per week of these mix and match fashion boards – partly so my readers can have ideas for maximum style with a minimum wardrobe and partly because they are so much fun to create! Hello, window shopping!

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How to Create a Daily Schedule + A Free Printable!

The first thing that I decided to do to get things under control for 2015 was to create a daily routine. Most of the time management tips I have ever read stress the importance of having a routine and telling your time where to go. But how does one go about creating an ideal schedule?

Kims Schedule

 (Click the Image for a Closer Look)

Keep in mind that the image above is a perfect day. Out of 365 days each year, I would estimate we have about 1 perfect day and that is if you combine two halves of a couple almost perfect days. So, this schedule is a goal more than a reality. But I have noticed that when I have a general plan for the hours of my day, they go way more in the right direction than if I just kind of wing it.

Here are a few general steps that I follow when scheduling out my day:

  1. Start of the Day: Decide first what time you want to wake up each morning. I usually think of the first thing that has to happen that day, such as homeschool or getting Troy out the door for class. Then I add two hours – one hour of me time and one hour of getting ready to leave. That is my ideal time to wake up.
  2. End of the Day: Based on your ideal time to wake up, determine your time to go to bed. How many hours of sleep do you need at night? I’m an 8 hours a night kind of gal and so, if I decide I need to wake up at 6, I plan to be in bed by 9:30 in order to be asleep by 10.
  3. Morning and Evening Routine: Determine how much time you need each morning and evening for your before bed and after waking routine. I give myself one hour each morning for working out (like I said – in a perfect day), reading scriptures and/or meditation and just to have a moment to wake up. Then I plan an additional hour for showering, dressing, getting my son dressed and cooking breakfast.
  4. Claimed Time in the Middle: After determining the time I’ll wake up, the time I’ll go to sleep and the hour or two at the end and start of the day to get ready for both, I fill in the slots of time that are already claimed. That can be school classes, taking a child to or from sporting practices, work hours, and other items that are regularly scheduled throughout the week.
  5. Fill in the Blanks: Now the holes that you are left with are free time! (Did you just hysterically laugh?) Okay, so not free time per say, but time that is available to schedule. Fill in the rest of the blanks of time with the time you determine that you need for preparing meals, doing chores, running errands, visiting family, and everything else that you need to do throughout the day.
  6. Free Time…for Real: If you are like me you may find that you do have a couple hours of time in your schedule that you aren’t really sure on a weekly basis what will need to be done. I schedule this as free time. This is time that is available for random doctor’s appointments, visits from friends, time to complete a project I’ve been putting off. I plan my free time each day either on Sunday night when I am planning my upcoming week, or the night before as I am going over my plans for the day before bed.
  7. The Weekends: The weekends are a bit different for us than the rest of the week. We have a jam packed morning on Sunday with church services but other than that, there are no real regular or routine things that happen on Saturday or Sunday. We make both of those much more free and open than the rest of the week. Schedule your weekends according to your own life since there are others who work weekends, have school weekends and other things that have a claim on their time.

I have included with this post a free Excel download of the file that I created to use for making my schedule. I’ve left each cell in 15 minute increments and you can go behind and fill out your own schedule. It will take a bit of Excel know how to get yours to look like mine where I have merged cells into larger blocks of time.

free schedule

Or if you prefer a pen and paper version, I’ve included a free printable to print and write out your schedule by hand. I have made one for each member of my family. We started going by this schedule this week and I will most likely have to tweak a few things as the weeks progress and I see where this schedule works for us and where it doesn’t. Once it has been tweaked and perfected, I’ll laminate them and hang them in our family command center.

{Click Here to Download the Free Excel File}

{Click Here to Download and Print the Free PDF Printable}


Celebrity Fashion for Less – Taylor Swift Winter Look

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift has some incredible style sense! And I personally think her fashion and personality are adorable. I love how she mixed plaids in this outfit and it took me forever to find a black bag with a gold clasp top to match hers. But I finally did, and from Amazon of all places!

1.20 Taylor Swift Look for Less

 {Taylor Swift Photo Credit}

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Our Plans for 2015


You may have noticed that we are trying to bring this dead blog back from the grave. I have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other where this website is concerned. From “I love it and it’s my baby and I want it to live” to “Kill it! Kill it with fire!”

After taking nearly a year off from posting and mainly focusing on freelance work for other more popular websites, I finally made a plan for this one. I decided it gets to live. However, it will no longer be a deal finding site. No, no…that is so 2013. I have decided to get a bit more personal and a bit less coupon with this blog.

Starting this year, we are taking a fresh and fun approach to what we’ll be writing and talking about around here. I’ve decided to focus on three major areas of my life that I either need to work on or enjoy or need to work on enjoying.

Home & Family

Given that this is a homemaking website, this was a logical place to start and, ironically, falls under the areas that I need to work on. (Spoiler alert – I’m NOT an expert homemaker.) We will be talking a lot about home organization, cleaning, decorating and more. I’ll also talk some about homeschooling – we are halfway through Kindergarten homeschooling our son and I am still figuring it out along the way.

I’m sure there will be random posts here and there as well about date nights, family vacations and just a general over-sharing of our own personal lives. Because mommy blog.

Health & Personal Care

This would fall under the areas of my life that I need to work on enjoying. I am working on a seemingly eternal goal of getting healthy and losing weight? How much weight? A lot. As in nearly that of a small human. As in an embarrassing amount. As in…

I don't wanna say

(If you haven’t seen MADtv’s Stewart clips – first of all, what is wrong with you?! And second - go check some out. They are hilarious!)

I will also use this website to talk about my family’s efforts to get more natural in our approach to health and taking care of ourselves. We are often experimenting with new ways to get toxins out of the products that we use. Sometimes those experiments are incredible and sometimes they are hilariously wrong. We will share both. You’re welcome!

Beauty & Fashion

And last but not least, we get to the part that I’ll most likely be talking about the most because it is the topic that I enjoy! I have found a new love for fashion and plan to share many posts related to this topic. Part of my love of fashion is that it serves as a motivation to get some weight off. Also, it is just really fun and nice to look at!

For those readers who are still around from the coupon days, bless you. For the new readers, welcome. We are so excited to have y’all here!

Celebrity Fashion for Less – Jennifer Aniston

Has anyone else been Netflix binging on Friends episodes lately? It has created a real love/hate relationship between Netflix and I. Part of me is so loving Netflix for adding these hours and hours of one of my favorite 90s sitcoms. But another part of me is pretty sure it was a strategic sabotage against my new year resolutions to be more productive.

I love Rachel Green. I love her style, her personality. I’m pretty sure we would be BFFs if we were to ever meet and she were an actual person. Jennifer Aniston really has incredible style and in honor of my recent love affair with Friends, my first celebrity looks for less board is an adorable and casual Jennifer Aniston style.

1.20 Jennifer Aniston Look for Less

 {Jennifer Aniston Photo Credit}

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Where Were We?

I’m trying to figure out where to start based on where I left off before the Great Crash of 2013. So, here’s the rundown:

  • We are moving soon – as in  6 weeks soon! – as in across the country – as in 2,000 miles!
  • I am a mega-procrastinator
  • Not only has no packing and/or moving prep commenced, but…
  • This place is a MESS – as in Hoarders – as in…

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Moving Forward with a Clean Slate

As you can see my site of three years is empty. Totally blank. I switched to a different server recently and in the process lost all of my content! All 1,000 plus posts of it!

At first I panicked. Then I yelled via caps lock at tech support people. And then I laid in fetal position rocking back and forth for a couple hours. Then I started thinking about how my family is starting over soon – a new state, a new place, a new life. And it seemed fitting that this site start over along with us!

So, here I am, three years after starting my journey as a working blogger. I have a little more knowledge, a lot more experience and a clean slate! After all, I did tell the universe that I wanted to totally redo this site! Be careful what you ask for! :)

That having been said, welcome to the new and improved (and empty, but bear with me on that) Homemaking Expert! Oh, and I’m kidding about the fetal position thing…maybe.